Use your head…April Fools

I mention this around this time every couple of years. I saw it again today and thought I’d share it once more…

“Tomorrow is April fools day. I am going to say this now so that you have about 24 hours to really think through your April Fool’s prank.

I know it will happen that some of you on my friends list will find it humorous to post that you are pregnant. Then you’ll follow up with an “April Fool’s!!”

There are people who would give anything they have to be pregnant. People who have spent thousands of dollars to pay for medical help to have a baby only to find that its not possible for them.

People who lost their first, second, third…

People who were raped and just found out that they are pregnant and must make the agonizing decision to keep the baby that will be a constant reminder of the pain and fear they went through or to not have this baby even though termination can be dangerous.

People who were blissfully pregnant only to find that the baby didn’t make it.

People who deliver a baby and go home empty handed to the beautiful nursery they thoughtfully planned out for their child.

The parents who will never be grandparents because their grown child passed away.
If there are not enough reasons here for you to not use this as your April fools joke I will give you one more.

It makes you look like a bit heartless.

If you want to prank people; wrap their desk in plastic wrap, or fill their car with ping pong balls. Please do NOT use a fake pregnancy as your April Fool’s joke.” – LB


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