Feed your baby!

Moms, I do not pretend to know what you are going through during those first few minutes after you give birth. I will not pretend to understand what you are thinking and feeling when they place that baby on your chest and they begin to feed. I do know that it was astounding and emotional to watch.

Robin wanted to nurse Caroline. We heard all of the stories and read all of the books and heard all of the opinions. Robin was willing to try, and that’s all that matters.

I wrote about this before, but it bears repeating. FEED YOUR BABY!


We did all the right stuff, but Caroline wasn’t getting enough milk. That was it.

Robin’s issue was medical. For some Moms, it’s a choice.

The pressure for moms to nurse is very crazy. Thankfully, our lactation consultants were of the mind that “Fed is Best”.

Again; I do not know the answers, but I know what worked for my daughter.

The Fed is Best Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of newborn and infant starvation from insufficient exclusive breastfeeding. We do so by studying breastfeeding sto20160403_075211ries sent by mothers and the scientific literature on breastfeeding complications that lead to infant brain injury and death. Since the beginning of our campaign almost two years ago, we have received tens of thousands of newborn and infant starvation stories leading to the complications of hyperbilirubinemia, dehydration, hypernatremia,  hypoglycemia and failure to thrive. These complications occur because the current breastfeeding guidelines have not been studied for safety, operates with little awareness of the caloric and fluid requirements of newborns nor the amount transferred to babies until complications have already occurred. “Just one bottle” can save a child from these tragedies as it is often a mother’s first clue that a child is in fact starving from exclusive breastfeeding.

If your baby is experiencing distress and signs and symptoms of starvation, we encourage you to advocate for your child. We encourage mothers to notify hospital administrators if you are being pressured to avoid supplementation to alleviate your child’s hunger. You have the right to feed your child and your child has the right to be fed. No one but your baby knows how close they are to empty. The only way they can communicate distress is by crying. Listen to your baby and listen to your instincts.

Our message is simple. Feed your baby. Feed them as much as they need to stay safe and satisfied. Only they know what they need.” – Fed Is Best

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