I found a cool spot on the Facebooks…

Hello all,

I hope that your 2017 is running normally. Mine is, well…not great. Thankfully, it’s all just World News and Politics that have got me down and not my magnificent family!

While perusing Facebook at lunch today, I came across Macaroni Kid’s blog. (This one is for the Newburyport, Ma area. I’ll link to the national site below)

Who are they?

“We enrich communities by connecting the libraries, schools, rec centers, community centers and all of the wonderful organizations and businesses that create programming and fun for kids and families with local families.

We empower moms by supporting our Publishers and giving them the tools, training and the platform to build their businesses and be a force for good in their communities.”

What started as a snarky exchange after a “Why Moms think…” article made me all “Dad Angry” ended up in a very nice conversation. Give them a look. There is a lot of great stuff for kids, but even if you just check out the calendar, it’ll be worth the click.

The National Site.



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