It really is amazing how quickly the days bleed by.

We’ve settled into our daily and weekly routine pretty well. Robin handles much of the morning side of the day. I leave early. Robin feeds, dresses, and transports Callie. In the afternoon, I pick up her up and we do our food shopping, clean the kitchen, etc. Normally, Callie will crash for an hour after her bottle, giving me the opportunity to get the house back in order before Mom gets home.

Kiddo has her last bottle around 8 or 9, then we put her down for the night. Glorious.

We’ve moved into the early teething stage. Drooly baby has made her presence felt. She wears several bibs per day! With all of that in mind, we had no idea how Callie would handle our annual trip to see my Sister and Brother-In-law at Salmon Lake in Maine.

Three and a half hours in the car would be a new experience for her. Off we went.

I can happily report that she handled the road trip in her stride (so to speak). Not a peep.

We spent Saturday rolling around Waterville with Auntie Corrie, shopping for groceries and relaxing. Caroline enjoyed her dinner lakeside.

In a weekend of firsts, we didn’t know if she’d go down or fight it. Strange place, lots of stimulus, new foods…

She had her last bottle around 9…slept through the night… Wait…what? Yep…all weekend long.

Sunday morning, we slept in and snuggled for a while. The weather was very “Early Fall In New England” and a welcome change. We sat at the dinning room table and looked out over Salmon Lake. It’s hard to retain stress up there. I mean, just look at the photos!

Off to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Best dang country fair this side of the Big E. Lots of food, crafts, animals…it’s a lot of fun.

seriously, it was cold…

We’ve been going for the past four years. Last year, we had JUST told the world that Callie was coming. This year, we got to celebrate her 6 months on Earth…huge difference.

We returned on Monday, and all is well. We had a blast. Caroline got to travel a bit and hang out with Auntie and Uncle.

Cannot wait for Callie to love the fair as much as we do.

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