Who knew that finding time to blog….

…would be a chore? Oh yeah. Every parent ever.

Callie will be 5 months old on Sunday.

Our 4 month pediatrician visit went perfectly. She is weighing in at 15.5 lbs (75th percentile) and 27 (!!!) inches tall. That is literally off the charts for height. She grew 3¬†inches in 2 months. No wonder all of the 3-6 month onsies don’t fit…

The four month mark brings on a bunch of adjustment for us and the baby. We move to spoon feeding solid (think pureed) foods, we move up a diaper size, we leave mom and dad’s bedroom… That last one took some doing…


Neither Robin nor I wanted her to leave. I knew that if we waited any longer, the transition would be impossible. Caroline is spoiled (Obviously) with attention, so I was worried that the “OH MY GOD, I’M ALL ALONE IN THIS CRIB!!” screaming would be too much for us to deal with…

Saturday evening, we gathered with our neighbors at their home. When it was bed-time, I took Callie home and put her to bed. When I came back into her room to set up the monitor, she was out cold and remained that way until 8am Sunday. #winning

Same thing happened on Sunday night. It’s awesome.

At the aforementioned gathering of friends and neighbors, we busted out the sweet potato puree! I had NO IDEA what to expect from her. She didn’t hate it! Her doctor impressed upon us to relax about solid foods. She’s not supposed to derive any real nutrition from this stage. She is just learning how to eat.

We’ll do some more Sweet Potato tonight and will move to applesauce on Tuesday! Exciting.



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