4 Months…

…and it seems like an eye-blink! (photo credit for the above image : Eliza McDonald)

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Yes, it’s a Vera Bradley Dress. Yes, it looks amazing!

Everyone tells you that High School, or college, or that trip to the Caribbean will be “over before you know it!” It’s true, of course. Our perception of time is so strange. Things that we want over and done with (Work, the Dentist, dare I say  PREGNANCY?) take forever and the things that we enjoy motor right past us.

Stammie’s (my Step-Mom, Mary) Birthday! at Oyster’s

My daughter is 16 Weeks old. 4 Months. What have we learned? (Go back and read the blog…)

We’ll go the Pediatrician in a couple of weeks for round two of vaccinations. After that, we start on solid foods…oh man…I don’t know how I’ll handle that…


What I do know is that when I say that Caroline (Callie, btw) is an easy baby, I mean it. Friends and family always cringe, recoil and yell “DON’T JINX IT!!” – really? Jinx?

We put her to bed, she falls asleep with little-to-no soothing. She travels well in the car. She interacts well with other people. She eats, poops, pees, and everything else like a professional human.


Look, I know we have a loooooong way to go and we haven’t begun to experiance what a whirlwind this kiddo could become, but what I’m trying to say is: “So far, so good!”

New Dads: If you need any help, advice, answers to questions – feel free to drop me a line!


I love you too much, Auntie Dee!
This is Miss Eliza McDonald. She is a rising senior at St. Michael’s College and one of my former students. 

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