Busy, busy, busy… (Part Two)

Saturday 7/2 –

It’s Auntie Janet’s Birthday! Off to Westwood to see the Hammond/Troiani side of the family.

The last time the three of us went to Auntie Janet’s house, Caroline wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Scream-fest 2016. We were loaded for bear this time. Thankfully, the heavy ordinance wasn’t needed. Kiddums was awesome and didn’t even mind getting passed around, Musical Chairs style!

Auntie Janet
Happy Birthday, Auntie Janet!!
Auntie Marie
Auntie Marie!!

We ate foods and drank dranks. It was a very nice afternoon.

Sunday 7/3 –


13 Weeks in, and Caroline wants to sit up. This contraption is like a bridge between her bouncy-seat:718a8mtg1dl-_sx522_

and a Bumbo chair:


She’s good for about 15-20 min before she starts to “melt”.

Her Doctor says we’ll be sitting up a lot more at 4 months, so here we go…

We packed up once again and headed to my Dad’s for Sunday Dinner. Miss Willow and the Howards joined us. I cooked some steaks outside and despite a meltdown later in the evening, a good time was had by all.

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