Busy, busy, busy… (Part One)

Friday 7/1 –

Caroline and I had the day off. Robin woke up and went to work leaving me with the kiddo all day. By myself. Ok. We got this!

We slept in, had breakfast, and took a quick bath after spitting up said breakfast…

Then we stuff to do! Shopping for the weekend was on the schedule, so we packed up all of our gear and did some good ole’ fashioned stock-up. As we were wrapping up our trip, Robin texted me with a request from my Dad. He wanted to see Caroline. Ok. We got this!


See? She doesn’t ALWAYS cry when you’re around, Doc.

We returned home, ate, and waited for Mom to finish work. By the time she walked in the door, I was completely and totally exhausted. Caroline was good all day. Well behaved, super happy, napped without issue; but damn homey. It takes everything you’ve got to simply “be there” with an infant. That was ONE DAY. 10 hours. An eye-blink.

Do not get me wrong: I am NOT complaining. If given the chance, either Robin or I would quit our jobs tomorrow to stay with Caroline full time. Now I just have a much deeper appreciation for the job.

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