I’ve said it before: I knew that I wanted to be a dad. I’ve known for a long time. I’m very happy that I met someone who wanted to have kids too (although, her opinion has changed…)

Stuff keeps happening that surprises me, though. I think the first and foremost among them is the sheer fact that it’s all coming pretty naturally.

I had this moment of “What have we done?” around the 8.5 month pregnant mark. I don’t think any new parent-to-be hasn’t had those thoughts.

This week marks the first full work-week for Robin, so the kiddo has been with sitters. I work until 2pm during the summer, so I pick Caroline up after work. We get to have some lunch and talk for a few hours before Mom comes home. I was watching her sleep in her swing on Monday afternoon and thought “Jeez…This has been…dare I say, Easy?”

I walk in the room, she smiles. I change her diaper, she smiles. She meets new folks, smiles…The kiddo is well adjusted and fun to be around. She is making it easy.

Robin is an amazing mom and wife. I do everything that I can to be as helpful as possible, but this lady has kept up with work, chores, and the baby. I’m not allowed to do the laundry…I shrink stuff. BUT I DO THE DISHES AND MOW THE LAWN!!! I kid, I kid… She is making it easy.

So, I’ll continue to be the happy dad. I’ll take each and every awesome day as they come and prepare myself for Teething and Growth Spurts and illnesses…but for now; nothing for granted!


One thought on “Natural.

  1. I’ve more or less found it to be the same for me. There’s some stuff that single parenting makes harder I’m sure (I’ve never not single parented so I dunno) but that’s mostly logistics. My son was so easygoing and adaptable and has developed the greatest personality now at age 3. I definitely do not want to go back and do the newborn days again because I like sleeping more than 2.5 hrs at a time and also he’s more fun to talk to now, but looking back I was very fortunate. Glad you’ve found it to be so too!

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