Father’s Day is SUNDAY??


It kinda snuck up on me. This year, I DON’T feel the need to throw up when I get the “Father’s Day SALE” emails!

I’ll spend the day with my various Dads. I took Monday off to spend with Caroline. Just Daddy and Daughter all day. I cannot wait. We’ll be spending a lot of time just talking…Like this:

Robin is going back to work on Monday. That’s depressing.

Do not get me wrong: I fully realize that we chose our path. We bought a house. We have two cars. We spend too much. We had a kid. We have to live with the choices and I’m not sorry for any of them. I get that.

I’d love to be in a position where Robin didn’t have to work. She could stay home with Caroline and do all of the stuff she wanted to do.  Realistically, that would require replacing her income as we can’t afford to be without it.

I love what I do for a living. I love where I work. I’m priced out of a lot of formal education at the moment and I do not want to go into further debt. My salary is what it is with little chance of a major raise, even if I were to leave for a new gig. So, what are my options?

  1. A second job. Now that I’m no longer directing at school, I take a 5p-11p gig flipping burgers.  (Of course the goal is to spend MORE time with Caroline, not less.)
  2. Take out a loan and go back to school.  (See above)
  3. Sell a car. (Both of us work, I guess it’d be doable…)
  4. Find a wealthy patron who will pay us to be awesome. (Just one of us. I’m not greedy)
  5. Sell the house. (No, No, No, No)
  6. Sell a kidney? (Any takers? 50k will cover it)

We are so very lucky to have what we have and I wouldn’t trade it. Now I need to make it easier for us so that money isn’t something that keeps me up at night. I need to work at making sure that the stuff that we worry about is about how to make Caroline’s life as amazing as possible; To ensure that she has all of the opportunities that she deserves.

I hope that we’re up to it! I mean, I think that we are.


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