Saturday was Cousin (First cousin, once removed) Willow’s 1st Birthday! The three of us went to the party and got the chance to introduce some more of the family to Caroline. She did pretty well, right up until the 3 hour mark.

Caroline gets overwhelmed (like her Daddy…) after an extended period of time exposed to noise and confusion.


Willow’s mom and dad (Jason and Stephanie) invited some of Willow’s “classmates” from Child-Care. I met Emma, another One Year old who became a friend immediatly. I have always loved babies and toddlers. I find it difficult to resist the extreme cuteness. I had always tried to tone it down around stranger’s kids because…well…I’m kinda creepy looking…As soon as I was a dad, that all went out the window. Little Emma wanted to be my friend. She came right up to me and gave me the child’s universal sign for “UP!!” I obliged. We talked about how cool her name is and how strong and smart she is. (Well, I talked and she said “YA!!”

It’s amazing how much more “advanced” a 12 month old is as opposed to a 2.5 month old. I found myself talking like to Emma and Willow like they could understand everything that I said. The recognition in their eyes and the look on their faces is so much different than on my infant. I am excited to watch Caroline grow and change…I CAN wait though…

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