Not surprisingly, we have a million photos of the kiddo already. I have a million stories, too.

The smartphone makes it so easy to be “THAT PARENT” who is quick with the showing off! Caroline has fast become my favorite thing to talk about and show off.

The Blog makes it easy to share the stories.

The questions become:

“How do you share your photos?”

“When is it too much?”

I have always been an over-sharer.

I have a philosophy that helping people is good. It shapes my world view. If people can benefit from my experiences, Good! If that means that I share an embarrassing story about myself or give some gory detail, so be it. If you can learn something, avoid a pitfall, or even just enjoy a story; then I think I have achieved something.

Robin and I have a shared Google Photo Album that we drop photos into.

I post a bunch of stuff on the Blog that X-Posts to FB and Twitter (and LinkedIn and Google+ because exposure…)

Is it too much? Is it not enough? Should I care?


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