Sleep Training?

Hello all,

As a rule, I will try to keep the content on my blog original, but I do run across some great stuff in a bunch of places (Beingmommie, Scary Mommy, Lifehacker, Jezebel, etc…)

Feel free to share or re-blog anything that you come across.

So here is this piece I saw about sleep training.

Disclosure: 2+ months in, and Caroline is sleeping through the night. (I know, you hate us…)


One thought on “Sleep Training?

  1. Oh, man. Baby sleep shares the same First Rule as tech support: In tech support, you never, ever say “hey, it’s really quiet today”. With baby sleep, you never, ever say “my baby sleeps well!” Go sacrifice a goat, walk three times around your baby’s crib and say three Hail Mary’s.

    Heehee. I’m (mostly) kidding of course but I always treated it that way. It took a long time (he was also breastfed so nursed every 1.5ish-2 hrs for quite some time, I take it formula is different) but I have a decent sleeper now. We go through rough patches with different developmental milestones but they work out after a bit.


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