Our Road (Part 7)

Registries, Showers, and a whole lotta reading. That’s basically how we spent the rest of the pregnancy. I did all that I could to make sure that I was at Each and Every appointment. (Full disclosure: I  missed 1 or 2)

The Holidays were great. Robin and I tried to spend as much time as possible together. We enjoyed the silence of the house. (as silent as it gets with four cats who suspect that something strange was afoot) I held the time we had as almost sacred. I had no idea what nature and biology had in store for us, but we wanted to be well rested!

We were super excited and super nervous, but it felt good (To me, at least)

Baby Girl had close to a 10cm head. 99% percentile. Robin was carrying very high as well. All of the OBs were prepping us for the real necessity of a Cesarean Section delivery.

Week 37, Robin’s OB/GYN told her that they were going to admit her at 39 weeks and induce labor. March 29th.

Ok…we have a date. I adjusted my scheduled Paternity Leave. Induction (Inducement?) could take a few days. We were ready for the hospital stay. Ladies: check out this list. I know that there is a bunch left a lot off of the list. Feel free to comment!

Partners: Bring chargers, books, tablet. Bring cash (Singles for the vending machine) and patience. You’re gonna need it.

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