Our Road (Part 6)

We celebrated in Maine at my Brother-in-law (Jeff) and Sister’s (Corrie) home. It was in my top 5 weekends of my life. We met Robin’s friend Jodie and her wife Amy while we were there. Guess what? AMY’S 12 WEEKS PREGNANT TOO! WITH TWINS!! Amazing! I got to spend time with dads of wonderful little girls and grown women. We talked about a ton of “Daddy stuff.” It was simply perfect. Thank, Will and Jeff!

As word got out around school, THREE more employees announced that they were expecting! 4 of us would be having kids in the Spring of 2016.

Then we find out that two more of my friends are due in the same week that we are…

None of this was coordinated. It was just so funny!

After 12 weeks, we are transitioned from Boston IVF to Robin’s OB/Gyn (more on them later). Did you know that there is a term for a pregnant woman above the age of 35? Robin is classified as “Advanced Maternal Age.”

That means that she was subjected to a whole bunch of extra tests. We had 10 or so ultrasounds and all sorts of genetic tests. We got the opportunity to find out the sex of the kiddo SUPER early too.

South Shore Hospital ran down how that worked. We got a blood test. They screen out the fetal blood and count chromosomes. If all is well, we’d get a letter in the mail. That letter has “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” circled.

That was a Long. Wait. Seriously.

The letter arrived. We opened it together. It’s a girl. More crying. (If we ever have a son, please don’t tell him that I REALLY wanted a girl first…)


The rest of the 7 months went pretty well. There was a minor fender bender. (ANOTHER trip to the ER. No problems) There was a minor change in providers. There was normal pregnancy pains, aches, and emotional roller-coaster rides.

I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, I believe in Sympathetic Pregnancy pains. I was having weird cravings and pains right along with Robin. It was odd. I’m told that highly empathic folks are susceptible to Sympathy Pains. That explains that…

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