Our Road (Part 2)

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IVF Cycle One:

Our Boston IVF office is at Crown Colony in Quincy. Sometimes, we went all the way to Waltham. Sometimes on the weekends, sometimes on Holidays.

6 Semen Samples at 3 different offices. Gents: Have you ever had to do that? You walk into an exam room at 7:30am. There is a TV on the wall connected to a Roku. Beside that is an instruction sheet stuck to the wall telling you how to dial up the “Adult Entertainment.” There is also a bin of magazines. You do your thing. Give the sample to the nice Aussie lady in the lab, then head to work. It’s kind of silly and a little embarrassing (Really only at first. You do get over it. You have to.)

Robin had a battery of tests. Blood, pelvic, ultrasounds, etc. Finally, we get approval and a huge box of medication arrives on our front door. Injections begin and we’re off to the Hormone races.

Folks, imagine if you will the worst PMS that you yourself or any of your female acquaintances have dealt with. Got it? Ok, amplify it by a lot. Now add in the anxiety of scheduled off-days for MD visits, the pressure of starting a family, the financial strain of co-pays and deductibles, and the very real possibility that it’s all for naught. By the middle of the month, Robin was VERY physically uncomfortable. I know that it wasn’t any fun.

Retrieval day. We got 10 eggs. They were able to fertilize two. We had two transferred. I remember RUSHING home the Wednesday night to find out the results of the pregnancy test.

Negative. Damn.

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