Diapers [Update]


from 4/28/16
Let’s talk about diapers. Now we’re only A month in, but we have tried 6 different brands: Pampers Swaddlers, Up&Up, Huggies, Honest, Babyganics, and Everydayhappy. That is in the order we prefer them.
There is no doubt why the Pampers folks are getting their money. They are the best fitting and easiest to change.
That said, Huggies and Target (or Kirkland) are nearly identical in every way except price. Target and Kirkland are significantly cheaper and Target usually offers gift cards when you buy multiple packs.
Just trying to help.”

(I am using Target’s prices simply because we shop there frequently. I am a RED card holder, so we get 5% off. If you subscribe, the discount can go up. Right now, Target is having a “Baby Stuff” Sale and you can get Gift Cards if you spend $$$)

Caroline has grown out of the NB diapers…kind of. She’s tall, (I guess the term is “long” for babies and NBA prospects…weird. I guess it’s not like she’s standing up) so the smaller diapers fall down in the back and are not up to the task of keeping her butt dry.

We had a box of Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers (148 diapers for $38.99 at Target) from the Baby Shower. They are amazing.

Target’s Up & Up brand are VERY close to being as good as the Pampers brand, but cost less. (176 diapers for $28.99)

I’m going to pick up some of the Kirkland brand at Costco this week. (192 Diapers for $29.99) From what I’ve been told, they are Huggies brand, just relabeled.

I also did nearly ALL of the stuff in this article about how to get free diaper samples and how to save some dough.

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