Repeat – Formula [Update]

My apologies for the next couple of posts. I’m going to repeat what I wrote a few weeks back. I’ll update as we try new stuff.

Anyone feeding/supplementing with formula: Caroline was spitting up 4-5 times a day (at least 1 goodly amount of formula per feeding) on Similac Advanced and Enfamil. The Gentlease was better so we switched to the Gentle version of  Target’s Up & Up brand. So far, so awesome. Right now, $24.99 for the 36oz container (buy 3, get a $10 Gift Card) MUCH cheaper than the Enfamil Gentlease. ‪#‎newdadstuff‬

5/17/16 [Update] – So 20 days or so on the Target Brand and no issues to report. Infrequent spit-ups and she seems to enjoy the formula.
I did some research on “Gentle” vs “Sensitive” formulas. There IS a difference, though it is mild.

The Sensitive versions (Similac, specifically) has very little-to-no Lactose in them.

The Gentle versions still contain lactose, just about 1/4 of the normal amount.



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